Project Pneuma has 8 primary core programs we focus on with our boys. Each focus hones in on specific areas to push every young man to reach his fullest potential.

Our Core Programming

Social Emotional Wholeness

Project Pneuma prepares our boys with the tools for a life-long journey in terms of developing impulse control, building respectful relationships, developing our principles, values, and reaching their full potential as human beings.

Academic Enrichment/Tutoring

Project Pneuma is committed to helping youth develop their minds. We introduce our boys to academic enrichment by providing a setting for them to gain critical-thinking skills and advanced knowledge.

Physical Fitness

Project Pneuma prides ourselves on the abilities of the body. This is why we teach our young men that physical fitness is a state of health and overall well-being.


Project Pneuma helps our boys increase mental and physical awareness. We do this through yoga and mindfulness practices. This way our boys improve their emotional regulations. They also become attuned and centered with their body.

Martial Arts

Project Pneuma implements the practice of Martial Arts. Our boys learn to understand the power of mind over body in our Martial Art practices. This cultivates our young men into Pneuma Warriors with integrity, perseverance, and honor.

Breathing New Life Training

Project Pneuma wants to ensure that we give our boys every opportunity to experience everything that life has to offer. Many inner city youth often don’t see beyond what they experience in their communities.

Public Speaking

Project Pneuma understands with time and practice, a child's communication skills and increased confidence will excel. They will also be well versed in all aspects of their lives which will be an asset for years to come.

Art Integration

Project Pneuma understands the importance of allowing young men to creatively express themselves. They engage in a creative process which connects an art form to a certain subject and evolves.

Sylvan Learning

Project Pneuma is dedicated to the education of our boys and building academic confidence, which is why we have partnered with Sylvan Learning, which has designed a literacy intervention program that will serve 21 elementary grade students, providing them with a strong foundation for academic success in the future.

4-8 Citywide
Serving boys in grades
since 2014
Core Programming