Highlights of some of our very own Project Pneuma Superstars

Project Pneuma recognizes the potential in all the boys that come through the program. Project Pneuma begins the transformation of helping the boys see their own future. Virtue Bama, Larry Bell III, and Hasan Harrison are Project Pneuma superstars, although all of our boys are superstars in their own way.  

Virtue Bama is a young man that embraces challenge. He also leads by example as he is a big brother. Virtue is a future leader and not to mention has superb athletic abilities.  

Larry Bell III is a walking example of a superstar. He is supreme on the basketball court and the soccer field. He enjoys being a part of Project Pneuma because he has a sense of belonging amongst a brotherhood.  

Hasan Harrison is what you call a stellar example of why programs like Project Pneuma are essential. Hasan is Mr. Project Pneuma, (when Mr. Cooper isn’t around). He has transformed his mindset. He meditates and is a leading example for his siblings.  

Project Pneuma is going to continue to create superstars across the city of Baltimore. It’s important that the boys know we see them, and we are going to be there each step of the way.