Forgiveness is not for the faint-hearted because most times when someone has been wounded and is presented with the opportunity to practice forgiveness, it may not be their first instinct. It often times just feels really hard to do! Forgiveness brings up feelings of vulnerability and people usually sense getting a bit resistant to the idea that forgiveness is the right path. In fact, the idea of a hard shell around people, protecting them, just feels so much safer! And at the same time, they recognize that living a full and meaningful life often requires doing the harder thing.

Forgiveness is a complex and challenging spiritual principle. it is not balance on the scales of justice; it is not condoning or excusing wrongdoing or harmful behavior; it is not a sign of weakness; and it is not a discounting of the depth of suffering.Forgiveness is a practice of extending grace when others may not be deserving of it. Forgiveness is a process of freeing ourselves from negative feelings. And ultimately, forgiveness is a gift to yourself.

Forgiveness is for the beauty of your own soul. It is not a quick process, but rather a deep practice of the heart. So, it takes time. It takes patience. It takes dedication and commitment. It takes openness to taking it one step at a time from a place of courage to develop the capacity for forgiveness. It can be a difficult process, but not an impossible one.

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