Learning public speaking is a nerve-wracking adventure, but it’s one of the most important skills to develop. Whether your son wants to be a teacher, lawyer, businessman, or scientist, public speaking will help them be successful.

Public speaking training is an important life skill, but students don’t really learn it formally in school. So much time is spent learning writing and grammar skills and not enough time is invested training students to become great verbal communicators.

Numerous situations in school require students to speak up in front of classmates and teachers, giving them an opportunity to work on their public speaking. These include oral reports, in-class reading, group projects, assemblies, sports, school plays and clubs, and even fundraisers. While some kids appear to be “natural” speakers, others tend to be fearful.

Aside from just being able to impress others, there are many underappreciated reasons all students should work on public speaking. Three are listed below:

  • Public speaking involves verbal as well as non-verbal communication, both of which are essential in getting your message across effectively and improving your son’s communication skills.
  • Did you know that public speaking is one of the most prevalent fears in the world? By speaking publicly on a regular basis, your son will enable himself to master this difficult skill and boost his confidence.
  • One’s ability to lead is closely entwined with one’s ability to connect with and motivate one’s audience through speaking. The greatest leaders of our time are frequently also some of the best speakers.

Some quick tips and tools to help young boys of color become better public speakers include, speaking up when talking, being aware of body language, being prepared and confident, and practicing as much as you can.

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